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Turkey started to give online e-visa instead of sticker or stamp visa at the airports as a pilot project with Turkish Airlines from 24 April 2013. E-visa procedure will be taken one step forward on 14 April 2014 and no sticker visa will be available at the border pass to Turkey. This means that travelers who visit Turkey for tourism or trade... + continue reading
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Istanbul is the second main tourist destination of Turkey after Antalya. The later one is generally preferred for its seaside resorts. Whereas Istanbul is visited for its cultural and business attractions. The friendly competition between these two cities for the first place warms up as international tourist arrivals increase. Antalya has already... + continue reading
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Turkey expects 38 million international tourists and 35 billion revenue in 2014. In spite of social and political disturbances in 2013, Turkey attracted 10% more international tourist in 2013 than the previous year. The statistics depicts that despite the disturbances, the image of Turkey has not been damaged in perception of as a tourist-friendly... + continue reading

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