Tourism in Turkey in 2014

Turkey expects 38 million international tourists and 35 billion revenue in 2014. In spite of social and political disturbances in 2013, Turkey attracted 10% more international tourist in 2013 than the previous year. The statistics depicts that despite the disturbances, the image of Turkey has not been damaged in perception of as a tourist-friendly country. The opening of many hotels and other touristic facilities which pertain to international hotel chains affirms the international reliance on Turkish tourism. Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli is an oncoming example which is scheduled to operate in March 2014.
The advantage of Turkey lies in the diversity of destination and content. Many tourists come from Northern countries and regions such as Russia, Scandinavia especially for summer tourism. On the other hand historical sites are scattered all over Turkey which attract those tourists who are interested in more than beaches. The earliest proto-city settlements have been discovered in Turkey. One of these settlements houses the first ever known temple in human history. Natural beauty and landscape also plays a great deal in emerging as adventure tour destination.
Every year new opportunities contribute to the awareness of Turkey as one of the main tourist destinations. Especially to Istanbul, which is competing with cities like Paris and Roma. 

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